Mixing chemicals can be dangerous. We recently heard about a business owner who had to be airlifted to a hospital for respiratory distress after their commercial cleaning company mixed cleaning products that created a toxic vapor. Thankfully, he survived and fully recovered. However, some products, when mixed together, can be fatal.

Make Sure You’re Commercial Cleaning Company Understands Which Chemicals

What Should I Expect When I Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company? We’ve been asked this question a hundred times. “When I need to hire a cleaning company for our office/business, what questions should I be asking? How will I know if it’s the right company? A commercial cleaning company should do more than just clean your facility. There’s plenty of people that can come in and clean your building. But a great commercial cleaner act as much more of an entire maintenance se

Beacon Cleaning is more than just a cleaning company.   What should I expect from a Full Service Commercial Cleaning Company? - Provide full maintenance service - Order Supplies - Make sure your building is

A Quality Commercial Cleaning Company Will Save You Time

As every business professional has experienced, there often seem to not be enough hours in the day.  Prioritization is a must and you truly need to be able to count on your vendors. Your vendors are there to provide a dependable service. 
  • They should save you time. 
  • They should allow you to focus on your objectives.