Mixing chemicals can be dangerous. We recently heard about a business owner who had to be airlifted to a hospital for respiratory distress after their commercial cleaning company mixed cleaning products that created a toxic vapor. Thankfully, he survived and fully recovered. However, some products, when mixed together, can be fatal.

Make Sure You’re Commercial Cleaning Company Understands Which Chemicals

Beacon Cleaning is more than just a cleaning company.   What should I expect from a Full Service Commercial Cleaning Company? - Provide full maintenance service - Order Supplies - Make sure your building is

When hiring a Commercial Cleaning company, people often wonder if they need to and what to look out for. Beacon Cleaning Services, LLC is a full-service Janitorial cleaning company. We provide commercial cleaning services to public and private institutions. Please request a free consultation. We will provide you with our full range of services during our i

Beacon Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company located in Hartford County. We are often at client locations after hours, leaving us to keep watch and make sure the building is safe.  Recently we were cleaning one of our schools when we noticed something had gone awry with the plumbing. We want people to know that we take our job seriously.  We’re not simply a company that comes in, cleans, and leaves.  We pay attention, and give you peace of mind when you are not there. Over