What Should I Expect When I Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company? We’ve been asked this question a hundred times. “When I need to hire a cleaning company for our office/business, what questions should I be asking? How will I know if it’s the right company? A commercial cleaning company should do more than just clean your facility. There’s plenty of people that can come in and clean your building. But a great commercial cleaner act as much more of an entire maintenance service. Beyond doing all the cleaning, here are a few things you should expect from a quality janitorial company:

    • They should make sure that your building is secure. Many times, cleaning is done after hours. We’ve seen many times where another contractor or an employee leaves the building unsecure. A good janitorial service will make sure that your facility is completely secure before they leave. You should be able to count on them being another set of eyes and ears in your building.
    • A great janitorial company will keep a close lookout for water damage, smoke damage, or broken windows. It’s easy to say that someone else should be watching for these things or that people would already know about these kinds of problems. But on several occasions, we’ve been the first line of responders when it comes to acute damage. That leads to the next item for picking a commercial cleaning company…
    • Make sure that the company you choose has solid relationships with other contractors that can solve various challenges or problems in your facility. If your janitorial service does find other issues like water damage, electrical issues, plumbing issues, etc, and good janitorial company can help you fix those issues by bringing in the expert contractors and managing the process.
    • Finally, make sure that the little things are not going to be ignored. Are they good about ordering and replacing paper supplies? Do they always make sure that there’s an adequate supply of garbage bags? Do they make sure all cleaning supplies are put away and stored properly? Do they make sure that you never run out of toilet paper or hand soap?
These are all the things you should be asking and expecting of a commercial cleaning company. Anything short of all the things we discussed above indicates a cleaning company that may not be of the highest caliber.

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