A Quality Commercial Cleaning Company Will Save You Time

As every business professional has experienced, there often seem to not be enough hours in the day.  Prioritization is a must and you truly need to be able to count on your vendors. Your vendors are there to provide a dependable service. 
  • They should save you time. 
  • They should allow you to focus on your objectives. 
Your janitorial company is no different. A responsible and responsive cleaning company will definitely save you time. In our years of experience, here are 3 ways you can create a harmonious relationship with your cleaning company that will save you time and frustration. 1. Create Communication Expectations and Address the Specifics If you have a cleaning issue or problem, make you understand who to communicate with and the best way to reach them quickly. Setting response expectations is very important. For example, what happens if there is an emergency? Is primary and secondary contact information clear and current? How quickly will your cleaning company respond? How quickly is your business able to respond? What scenarios should be reviewed to make sure everyone understands expectations? These simple steps can save you time. Well defined communications and expectations will create a smooth relationship. 2. Make sure your contract clearly states your needs: Your cleaning contract has been signed. Your cleaning company is now servicing your building. But you’re finding that some of your expectations are not being met or things are lacking. You pull the contract and find that some of the issues you’re having were not initially identified as needs. Do you need to wait until contractual renewal to make changes? Absolutely not! Your janitorial company should gladly work with you to make the changes you want. Making sure the cleaning tasks are specified exactly as you need them will save you time in the long run. However, a quality cleaning company will not give you a difficult time about changing the contract specifics. 3. Proactive Meetings vs Reactive Meetings: Regularly scheduled meetings with your cleaning company will save you time as well. A proactive approach allows for a consistent review of quality, responsiveness, and change needs. This will prevent excessive reactive communications, which are quite time consuming. Understanding what’s happening can prevent the need for responsive concerns. The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies. Your janitorial provider should take the lead in ensuring proactive meetings are regularly scheduled. If you follow these 3 simple suggestions, you’ll create a relationship with your cleaning company that will provide you a clean building and a stress free relationship. Beacon Cleaning is located in Manchester, CT. 


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Beacon Cleaning Services, LLC is a full-service Janitorial cleaning company. We provide commercial cleaning services to public and private institutions. Please request a free consultation. We will provide you with our full range of services during our initial consultation and will customize a program to fit your cleaning needs. Our service area includes Hartford and Tolland Counties including towns like Manchester CT, South Windsor CT and Vernon CT. Read our Blog

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