Beacon Cleaning is a commercial cleaning company located in Hartford County. We are often at client locations after hours, leaving us to keep watch and make sure the building is safe.  Recently we were cleaning one of our schools when we noticed something had gone awry with the plumbing. We want people to know that we take our job seriously.  We’re not simply a company that comes in, cleans, and leaves.  We pay attention, and give you peace of mind when you are not there. Over a holiday break we were working at one of our schools.   Schools are one of our specialties. One of our crew noticed that a bathroom was starting to flood. It appeared as if a toilet had broken and it wouldn’t stop running. It had gotten so bad that many of the tiles were starting to come up. The crew member notified our company president, who immediately showed up at the school. Our team manged to get the water source shut off to stop the flooding then immediately notified the school custodian what was happening. Our team removed and disposed of all the warped tiles.  We applied a sealer to the floor to prevent any further water damage.  Afterward, we contacted one of our trusted colleagues who was able to come in and replace the warped tiles. There was never any interruption to the use of the bathroom. Everything was up and running by the time the kids were back to school. We take a lot of pride and responsibility for our work. When you work with us, you know we’ll always have your best interests in mind.

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Beacon Cleaning Services, LLC is a full-service Janitorial cleaning company. We provide commercial cleaning services to public and private institutions. Please request a free consultation. We will provide you with our full range of services during our initial consultation and will customize a program to fit your cleaning needs. Our service area includes Hartford and Tolland Counties including towns like Manchester CT, South Windsor CT and Vernon CT. Read our Blog

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