With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we have been asked to come into schools and offices to deep clean, disinfect, and perform a carpet cleaning. This video provides a glance at how we are disinfecting and deep cleaning for our clients. We take the time to thoroughly clean everything and keep corona virus out of your building.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

We are using the Cimex encapsulation process. This process provides a quick drying solution for a safer cleaner environment.

Disinfecting walls

We Vacuum the walls instead of dusting them. This keeps contaminates from launching into the air. Once the area is thoroughly vacuumed, we apply the disinfectant using wall mops allowing walls to stay moist enhancing dwell time.

Outside Touch point cleaning

Cleaning the outer handrails and touch points of a building are usually overlooked. We consider this to be an essential task when cleaning a building. What most people do not consider is that people are least cautious as they approach the entrances to your establishment, touching the handrail and door.  We obviously need to consider disinfecting the inside, but the outside needs attention as well.

Disinfecting and Deep cleaning includes cleaning vents, and any other places that might exchange airflow.

Has the heat or air conditioning ever made you "stuffy"? Vents are important, better air quality, less allergens, less chance of sneezing, coughing watering eyes = less face touching

We make sure we are disinfecting the entire room. Even the things you may not consider. Don't worry, we thought of it.

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