As a commercial cleaning company, keeping your workspace clean and disinfected is our daily job.  However, we understand that protecting yourself, your employees, and customers from COVID-19 (Corona-virus) is something that is top of mind right now. It’s important to our health, our finances, and our reputations. 

Our recommendations for keeping your workspace clean and mitigating the risk of getting sick. 

Please note we cannot ever claim to cure Corona-virus, or stop it from coming into your space, but we can provide you ways to mitigate your risk and keep your office (commercial) space as bacteria/germ free as possible.

Start with top to bottom deep cleaning of your space.

This is of course above and beyond the things you would normally do like bathrooms, dusting, etc…

  1. Sanitize all common work areas and equipment.  This includes:
    1. Phones/ Printers/Fax Machines
    1. Conference tables and chairs
    1. Workstations
    1. Stairwells
    1. Community surfaces
    1. Keyboards
    1. Doorknobs
    1. Push plates
    1. Light switches
    1. Handrails
  2. Clean and sanitize any vents, diffusers in your space.  Essentially, anything that exchanges air into your office or school.  Cleaning these regularly will reduce the particulates in the air that bacteria can cling to.
  3. Vacuum with a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner (germs and bacteria love to have something to hold onto)
  4. Steam clean your floors.  Steam kills bacteria and germs.  We use the Encapsulation method for quick drying to prevent germs and bacteria from forming during the drying process.
  5. Use disposable wash cloths
  6. Wear gloves when cleaning
  7. Mist your personal workspace throughout the day with disinfectant. We use Quantaray disinfectant spray.

Don’t worry, we can do this for you if you don’t want to take it on yourself. Contact Us

In addition to the things above, we also recommend that you

  1. Limit physical contact with staff members
  2. Remind them to wash their hands frequently
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Send employees home if they display any symptoms

On our end, we are holding Special training sessions with our staff to make sure they educated and have all the right equipment to keep your space bacteria and germ free. We are also keeping our schedule open to those that need a deep cleaning, and regular maintenance cleaning.

All of this will not prevent bacteria and sickness from entering your office space or school, but it will reduce the rapidness of it spreading, and prevent everyone from getting sick at once.

After a deep clean of your office building or school, we recommend daily cleaning to continue to protect you from COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Places at the highest risk include:

  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Bars (BTW… Alcohol doesn’t disinfect you, it only helps you engage in riskier behavior)
  • Churches
  • Theaters

Protecting yourself from COVID-19 is important for several reasons.

  1. Most importantly our health and safety.  Protect yourself and your staff from getting sick.  They are an integral part of keeping your business running.
  2. Protect yourself from lawsuits.  Allowing sick people to come to your place of business can make you vulnerable to expensive lawsuits from fellow staff members, and customers.
  3. Showing your customers that you are on top of this will put them at ease to continue to work with you.

Spend the time and money to keep your place of business running smoothly.  This will pass, but for now take the extra measures.

This video provides a glance at how we prep the surfaces to be ready for the deep clean, and shows how we take the time to thoroughly clean everything.

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