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COVID-19 Best Practices Certified

We are COVID-19 Best Practices for Cleaning and Disinfection Certified

If you operate a building and have been concerned about Covid-19 and making your building safe and sanitized while you’re preparing for people to transition back into their workplaces…We are OSHA Guidelines and CDC Best Management Practices certified in the cleaning and disinfection of common facilities concerning Corona Virus/Covid-19.

We can sanitize your building and provide an ongoing program to keep your building clean and safe.  

With a sanitized, disinfected building, you WILL:

• Reduce your risk

• Reduce the risk to everyone that works in the building

• Have more peace of mind (so will your employees)

• Prevent your site from having to shut down  

Let’s work together to help ReOpen Connecticut

We are all excited to reopen Connecticut on May 20. However please be aware that not following Connecticut’s reopening processes puts the economy and all businesses at risk. The sooner all businesses can open and operate as they did before, the better we will be in the long run. This has been painful enough for all of us.

Connecticut’s reopening process states that all businesses must have strict cleaning and disinfection protocols in all settings.

We are COVID-19 Best practices Certified, feel free to call us with any questions, we are here to help. (860) 432-4885 CT Reopening Manual

COVID-19 Best Practices for Cleaning and Disinfection
Professional Training Associates Inc.

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